Canyon Creek Meadow

This loop hike begins at Jack Lake. The lake area is heavily used and has few flowers, but I usually see Rosy Spirea there. You soon come to a split in the trail and it is suggested that the loop be made clockwise, so stay left. Two things stand out in my mind about the early part of this loop. I have never seen as many Cascade Penstemon anywhere else, for one thing. And if you are lucky, there will be some Cascade Lilies in bloom.There will be a lot of the usual mid-elevation flowers along the trail, such as valerian, gilia, stickseed, agoseris, arnica, larkspur, lovage, paintbrush, lupine, lomatium and buckwheat. When you reach the meadow below Three-fingered Jack, red heather is the primary flora. The meadow makes a great lunch spot, but a scramble toward the base of the mountain is always an option.

The return trail follows the creek for a long way and sharp eyes will spot bog orchid, marsh marigold, pedicularis and shooting star in the boggy areas. Toward the end of the loop you may find beargrass near the burned area.The best time for this hike would be between about the second week of July and the second week of August, depending on the seasonal melt. Plant lists available, of course.